What Are These Famous Top Gear Cars Worth Now? A Look At Clarkson, Hammond, And May’s Most Iconic Cars

Mazda MX5 Mk 2 – Middle East Special

Jeremy Clarkson was a self-proclaimed wise man when he decided to choose a Mazda Mark 2 MX5 to traverse Iraq for Top gear’s Middle Eastern Special. He bought it for £3,500, and while it put up a good fight during the episode, it ended up being powered by only three cylinders after a spark plug pops out.  

Jeremy told Richard Hammond and James May the following at the beginning of their trek:

“Every time we do one of these trips, every time I get the interesting car, it’s in a cloud of steam. This time, wherever we’re going, this will make it.”

What’s it worth now?

Mazda MX5 values have been rising in recent years due to mainly three reasons. Firstly, these cars are often modified by their owners, increasing the value of those left stock. Secondly, they’re often raced or drifted, meaning more than a few of them end up in pieces. Finally, these cars are simply brilliant, and will always be known for their hands-on driving feel and agility.

But how much are they worth right now? 

A Mk2.5 with only 40,000 miles on the clock is currently being sold for £6,200. A 2000 example with only 26,000 miles is being sold for £10,000. This is quite a hold in value compared to its new price of around £20,000. 

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