What Are These Famous Top Gear Cars Worth Now? A Look At Clarkson, Hammond, And May’s Most Iconic Cars

Jeremy Clarkson’s 2005 Ford GT

Jeremy Clarkson took delivery of this American supercar in 2005, which he soon announced on Top Gear. Unfortunately, the Ford GT turned into more of an issue than an asset as Clarkson quickly became aware of its many failings and niggles.

The anti-theft device constantly broke meaning the car couldn’t be driven, and it had a number of other issues that drove Clarkson mad. Eventually, he returned it to Ford, but after a bit more thinking, bought it back again. This, again, didn’t work out, and it was sold yet again.

He bought it for an estimated price of $149,995.

What’s it worth now?

A 2005 Ford GT is now worth around up to $500,000 with next to no miles on it and in a new condition. In a used condition and with greater mileage, they’ll go for around $250,000.

This Ford GT, which boasts only delivery miles, is for sale for £369,995.