Throwback Thursday: That Time the Boys Built Their Own Police Cars

Top Gear, Series 11, Episode 1 was one of my earliest exposures to Jeremy, James, and Richard, and it was instrumental in developing the hardcore fandom that I now have of the boys. It is considered one of the all-time classic episodes and for good reason; it showcases each of the boys at the top of their game.

The challenge was simple in concept; build a police car that can perform its duties better than the current existing fleet of police cars in Britain. Jeremy showed up in a Fiat Coupe 20v Turbo, James in a Lexus LS400, and Richard in a stunning Suzuki Vitara.

All the ridiculousness you would expect from the boys was there; Jeremy fitted his car with wheel spikes and a siren made from a child’s noise machine, James installed paintball guns to the rear of his car and had an ice cream truck siren, and Richard basically showed up in a Barbie jeep with a spike strip that could be unrolled from the front.

A number of challenges followed and played out exactly how you would expect. James was “successful” in blinding The Stig until the wipers turned on. Jeremy’s wheel alignment was all sorts of messed up due to the spikes, and Richard’s spike strip was only about 4 feet long. It was Clarkson, May, and Hammond hilarity at its very best!


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