Stig Suicide Watch: Taking the Aston Martin Vulcan for a Lap

The Stig is back with another uninterrupted hot lap around the soon to be gone Top Gear Test Track, this time in the amazing Aston Martin Vulcan! I’m very excited about this! I love this car! I’m typing very loudly! In all seriousness, the Vulcan is absolutely bonkers to watch, and it’s good to know that before the test track gets converted into a housing project, the Top Gear crew is at least giving us some really cool laps to watch.

The Vulcan is probably the star of 2016/2017 so far, with appearances and rave reviews from both The Grand Tour and Top Gear, and for good reason. First there’s the looks; a mean, sleek, violent looking machine that just looks ready to pounce. Then there’s the sound; a wondrous bellow that revs for days as The Stig throws the car around the track. Then there’s the performance under the hood; an 820 bhp, naturally aspirated V12 that automotive dreams are made of.

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It’s sad that the test track will soon be gone, but I look forward to what Top Gear will have in store for a new location. In the meantime, I certainly am enjoying the heck out of these Stiggy hot laps, and hope that we will get many, many more before the airfield closes its gate for good.

And a suggestion to those who make the videos (in the event my humble piece actually get to their eyes); maybe do a 360 degree VR hot lap soon? My Gear VR needs it.

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