Remembering Top Gear Dog One Year After Her Passing

Those of us that have watched Top Gear all the way from its inception may remember the wonderful Top Gear Dog, Richard Hammond’s labradoodle that served as the show’s official mascot. TG made a number of appearances, usually in the studio, but also had a number of appearances in certain segments as well.

Perhaps the most memorable segment was during a road trip when TG vomited all over the back of Richard’s car during a caravan challenge. Dog owners the world over felt Richard’s pain at having to clean up a pile of doggy barf:

TG, who was terrified of cars, was instrumental in Hammond’s recovery after his 2006 high-speed accident in a Vampire dragster. According to Richard’s wife Mindy, TG rarely left Richard’s side as he was recovering.

TG joined the show at the beginning of Series 8 in 2006, with Jeremy declaring that they were going to name the dog “Prius,” but then changing the name to “Top Gear Dog,” which is a considerably better title.

Hope you’re enjoying Doggy Heaven, TG!


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