RC Toybota Returns For Another Attempt At Crossing The “English Channel”

A little while back, we wrote about a 1:10 scale Top Gear Toybota tribute build that made an attempt to cross the “English Channel,” which was builder Aaron Bidochka’s local water hole. Just like with Jeremy’s full scale Toybota on Top Gear, things didn’t go 100% smoothly.

In the first attempt, the mini Toybota started taking water in the rear, and suffered some electrical issues that caused the outboard motor to lose power. Said Bidochka regarding the Mini Toybota’s maiden voyage:

“It was uncanny how many things actually turned out to be like the first Toybota episode.”

Bidochka then made a few adjustments to the mini Toybota, including some electrical fixes, adjusting the outboard motor angle, and a new water cannon to remove any water that collects in the rear tray. The cannon can shoot water 4.5 meters away from the mini vehicle, which translates to approximately 45 meters away at full scale. With that, Bidochka returned for another attempt:

As far attempt #2? Success!