James May Thinks New Top Gear Is Doing A Good Job. What Do You Think?

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, James May tells them that he thinks that having the show Top Gear, as well as The Grand Tour, is no bad thing!

He even goes as far to say that they can “spark off each other a bit”.

He says, “What we’ve ended up with is us refreshing ourselves a bit and having a bit of a rethink about how we do it, making space for some other people to take over our old programme – where they’re doing an increasingly good job of it.”

From the reviews I’ve read and from the general consensus of comments, it seems as though both shows have their pros and cons according to fans.

Some aren’t fans of Top Gear’s new lineup, saying they have no chemistry or that it’s just not Top Gear anymore, where others complain that The Grand Tour was too scripted and forced, and that with the move to Amazon, Clarkson, Hammond and May have lost their ‘mojo’.

James says, “I do think that the viewers now have two shows to watch, where they had one before.

“I don’t really see that anybody loses out.”

And it’s true, isn’t it? We now have two motoring shows, each targeting a very specific niche within the automotive entertainment industry.

Top Gear is a bit more about the cars and the reviews, and The Grand Tour is more about the entertainment factor and the comedy – both brilliant within their own right. Well, I like to think so anyway. Patrick Holland, controller of BBC2, has said a similar thing, too. “You’re looking at two completely different shows,” he said. “We have turned over a new leaf. It’s a new team. Chris and Rory have been fantastic and Matt has been terrific in the films and he’s really started to enjoy the studios more and more.”

I’d like to think one day we could get over the rivalry between the two shows and enjoy them for what they are. We have another motoring show now, how is that a bad thing?

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