Hammond And May Have Trouble With A Badly Placed Camera – Hilarious

It’s got to be tight when you’re filming in a car with two people. Let’s face it, the camera rig can’t be small, and it’s got to be in a position where it can see both front seats – or even better, the people sat in them.

What makes it better (for us, the viewers, at least) is that this is Richard Hammond and James May we’re watching. And anything they do is incredibly funny. So when the camera is placed badly and there’s a sharp protruding part pointing towards their heads, you know it’s going to be a good video!

This took place during the Royal Mail race, in which James and Richard drove a Porsche Panamera – and it may possibly be the funniest outtake we’ve ever seen!

“It’s like having a knitting needle hammered into your head,” says James as Richard tries to suppress his laughter.

If anyone can take the audio from when James is singing but the hums turn into a cry of pain, please send it to me. Please.

Let me know how long you laughed for and how many times you watched it in the comments below! I’m currently around seven, and I haven’t stopped laughing.

Okay, go on then. Once more!

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