Wine Lovers Take Umbrage At Jeremy Clarkson’s Remarks

If it’s one thing Jeremy has done consistently well throughout his career, it’s insult people. Whether it’s been intentional or not, Jeremy has a way with words that some people just don’t seem to like.

The latest group that has been insulted by Jeremy are the wine lovers. Yes, you heard me correctly. In Jeremy’s latest Sunday Times column, he waxes poetic on the wonderfullness that is the rose wine. I don’t know how many people have done this, but go up to a wine snob friend and tell them you prefer a rose over, say, a pinot noir. My goodness, heads will roll.

Not only does Jeremy talk about how he prefers rose, he also suggests that those who prefer red or white and have knowledge of wines are pompous. Apparently Jeremy was gifted a case of ’85 Cheval Blanc (a pretty high end bordeux), which prompted a slew of cliches. Jeremy then topped it off with his thoughts on the wine folks, who he describes as:

“…a red-trousered, pompous, arse and would never have some one like me round to his house.”

So there you have it, folks; the most random insult from Jeremy to a group, EVER.

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