Watch Richard Hammond Review The New Land Rover Defender

Our favourite little man and The Grand Tour presenter Richard Hammond has been up close and personal with the new Land Rover Defender. We’ve just written about it, so if you want to know all about the specs and in detail bits and pieces, click the hyperlink above.

But for now, let’s listen to the Hamster and what he’s got to say about it.

On first glance, he loves it. Hammond has always been an avid Land Rover enthusiast, owning more than his fair share in the past. His children love them too, referring to their favourite as ‘Wallycar’. There’s a funny story behind this that we’ll come back to at some point, but for now let’s stay on topic.

The 2020 Defender, then. It’s rough and ready, but with a substantial amount of technology and luxury components to keep it up to date and competitive in the modern market. Let’s face it, very few of them will ever leave the pavement, and Land Rover know this.

But there’s no doubt that it has more than enough off-road ability, and by keeping the essence of the original Defender, I think JLR has managed to pull it off.

Like the BMW Mini rekindled the masses’ love for the small four-door, this could very well do the same for the Defender. It is now a style icon but with a utilitarian upbringing. I think Land Rover has hit the nail on the head.

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