Video: Richard Hammond Won’t Miss V8s When Electric Cars Take Over

Richard Hammond is known to be a lover of the brilliant V8 configuration of engine. He himself owns several classic V8-powered cars and is a known lover of American muscle and its associated carbon producing paraphernalia, so to find out that he’s not going to miss the roar of 8 cylinders surprises us greatly.

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In the video below, he summarises his feelings towards electric cars and gives his opinion on whether or not he would buy one, and where they fit into the industry in the future.

“I most certainly will own an electric car,” he says. “I’m excited at the prospect.” He believes that they’re not quite ready for his usage as the moment, however. Living in Wales, 135 miles from the London office, he realistically can’t see himself using an electric car due to the lack of range and infrastructure that he would have to depend on.

“It’s not quite there to comfortably do that and not have to worry about it, but we’re very very nearly there,” he says.

On talking about missing the sound of a V8 he says, “no, none of us will, because five years from now we will no longer associate the sound of a V8 with power, performance and potency.

“That’s the only reason we love the sound of it.

“The time will come when are car whispers past quietly with the faintest buzz. We will associate that with all the glamour and excitement we once associated the sound of a V8.”

Do you agree with Richard Hammond? There’s no doubt that electric cars are going to become the norm, especially as the infrastructure eventually grows to cover our need to drive. And yes while we may miss the smell of petrol fumes, I believe Hammond is right to believe that this is because we associate these things with our current understanding of performance and motorsport.

Eventually these things will change, and we will praise electric motors just like we used to praise the muscles of a horse.

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