Video: Richard Hammond Reviews The New Ford Ranger Raptor

Richard Hammond is known to be a secret American, with The Grand Tour often referring back to the inside joke, so it’s only right that he gets to produce a video review on the new Ford Ranger Raptor for DriveTribe.

H explains how he’s having a mid-life crisis, before giving a (sort of) in-depth review, and gorgeously shot video on the truck. It has to be noted that Ford is sponsoring the video, so take from that what you will – this may not be a completely unbiased review.

The Grand Tour presenter introduces the car and starts a journey to a ‘conference’ with a group of colleagues. Along the way he spouts jokes and takes a shortcut across some averagely bumpy terrain.

To be honest, this whole thing feels like a sellout. We understand that DriveTribe is under a bit of financial strain, but giving obviously biased reviews go against everything we love about Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

What do you think? The video was enjoyable, but very obviously an ad for Ford. Meh.