Video: Jeremy Clarkson Officially Announces His New Farming Show

Video: Jeremy Clarkson Officially Announces His New Farming Show

Like any other person would when they’ve got next to no free time and a job that makes them quite a bit of money, Jeremy Clarkson has bought himself a farm and is in the middle of making a show on it. Wait, what? Yeah, we don’t know how he finds the time for it, either.

Still through Amazon Prime, Clarkson is beginning his life as a farmer for all of us to watch (and laugh at). According to reports, it’s called “I Bought A Farm”, but Clarkson has gone as far to say that isn’t its correct name – but as we all know, he does joke around.

The video was published by Amazon Prime Video earlier today. Clarkson says the following:

“I’m going to be spending the next year in the rain making a show about farming for Amazon Prime.

“This means that people all over the world will be able to watch me using a thousand acres of the Cotswolds to make thousands of tons of beer and bread and vegetable oil and lamb chops and jumpers.

“Of course to be a farmer you have to be an agronomist, a businessman, a politician, an accountant, a vet and a mechanic.

“And I’m none of those things. I don’t even know what agronomist means.”

From Clarkson’s Twitter, it sounds like everything’s going okay…..

Andy Wilman, who has recently revealed The Grand Tour Season 4 episode dates, will also be accompanying Clarkson on this project as senior producer.

Written by Steven Douglas

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