This SpeedKore Dodge Charger Is AWD And Has 1525BHP Ready For SEMA Reveal

Sometimes I feel as though the Dodge Charger gets left out these days. Back in the 60s and 70s it was one of the greatest muscle cars in the world. But now, from the perspective of a lowly writer in the UK, the Challenger gets all the attention.

SpeedKore is here to change that, and they’ve gone all out to bring us one of the most memorable builds from this year’s SEMA show yet. It’s all-wheel drive, it’s got four doors, and it’s got enough power to move the mountain it’s about to climb out of its way itself. Numerically, this equates to 1525bhp. Pwoar.

Starting its life as a Charger Pursuit police car, this car was bought by SpeedKore and its 6.2-litre V8 was quickly excavated and sent off to Gearhead Fabrications. Here, they built two Precision 6466 ball-bearing billet turbochargers to replace the stock supercharger, Along with those, they strapped on Thitek heads, a Boost Leash C02 progressive boost controller, and a triple-pump fuel system using 1,700cc injectors.

This sounds like a serious bit of kit so far? It really is. And to prove just how serious it is, they fitted two exhausts to squeeze its performance even further. A valve-controlled MagnaFlow pipe exits from the side of the front bumper and is used when the car’s on track, and a standard exhaust system is used on the road. What’s more is that the 1525bhp it produces now is on a ‘conservative’ tune, using only 26 pounds of boost. SpeedKore says it “will continue to tune for performance before and after” the show.

But before you think this is just a show car that’s going to go back to a dark warehouse at the end of the day, this is actually going to a 65 year-old customer for his birthday. Let’s just hope he’s up for the violent speed that this car ill be capable of. With carbon fibre body panels to reduce weight and an AWD system that will launch it harder than the Demon, this isn’t going to be a car you can just drive. This thing is a car that you need to fight.