This Is How Clarkson, Hammond And May Cope With Hot Weather

England has been getting a lot of how weather recently, and because of this, motoring news outlets are giving out priceless advice like… stay cool and… drink water… They seem to forget that this is England, and when it is hot, it’s not actually that hot. Obviously safety advice should be taken seriously – we shouldn’t.

So with that… I’ll leave you with the boys and their game, ‘Car Sauna’.

The Rules

  • Park up in the sun with the engine on.
  • Put the blowers on hot and full power.
  • Close any windows.
  • First one to leave the car loses.

Pretty simple.

The boys did exactly that and Clarkson managed to last to about 60 degrees C. That’s pretty hot for someone born in rainy England, so he had to chuck a bucket of ice and cold water over his head.

So there you have it! Want to take on the challenge? Well don’t because it’s very dangerous (video it and tag us)!



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