Think The Grand Tour Is Amazon’s Most Expensive Show? Think Again!

Remember way back in the day when Jeremy was jobless after punching a Top Gear producer, and we were getting our first whiff at a potential new show on Amazon? Remember how everyone was saying that it was going to be the most expensive show ever made?

It turns out that not only is it not the most expensive show ever made, but it isn’t even the most expensive show to make for Amazon.

In fact, it’s not even the second most expensive show to make for Amazon. Reuters has obtained documents that reveal the production costs of Amazon’s top shows. The first season of The Grand Tour cost $78 million. When you look at Amazon’s other shows, you can see that The Grand Tour comes in as the fifth most expensive show to produce for Prime.

The top five most expensive shows for Amazon to make are as follows:

1. The Man In the High Castle, S2 – $107 million

2. Sneaky Pete – $93 million

3. Goliath – $82 million

4. Good Girls Revolt – $81 million

5. The Grand Tour, S1 – $78 million

The Grand Tour may not be the most expensive show to make, but it’s the best at attracting new subscribers to Prime Video.


Digital Spy

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