There Are Maybe Only Three Episodes Of The Grand Tour Left

Season 4 has started, and with the latest changes to format, people are having mixed feelings towards the first episode which was release late last week. Unfortunately, this could be the first of the remaining four episodes before The Grand Tour finishes. I refer you to Mr Richard Porter, script editor of The Grand Tour and Top Gear before it.

We referred to this in a previous article where we listed everything that we thought was wrong about Seamen, one of which was that Richard Porter wasn’t involved for the first time in 17 years. He revealed on Twitter that there are no more series of The Grand Tour, and that only three special episodes remain, two a year beginning from last week.

This ties up with our estimations after we found out that the crew behind The Grand Tour have been contracted for another two years. It’s a possibility that this is only what’s contracted, and that there will be more episodes (or specials) coming after this, but there have been rumours that the trio are slowly winding down for retirement.

Whatever happens, we’re sure that Clarkson, Hammond and May will keep producing some kind of media, with their three solo projects already kicking off very soon. These are much less straining on the trio and because of this, could last longer than The Grand Tour which has been incredibly dangerous this past year.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye and will update you with any further information.