The Toyota Hilux Really Is Indestructible…

We know for a fact that the Toyota Hilux is indestructible. Clarkson took it to hell and back in the form of building destruction, torment from salty water, and many many crashes and even a fire. But how well does it cope when it’s given the task of rock crawling?

What do you need when you take a car rock crawling, first of all? You need plenty of suspension movement, plenty of torque, and a protective shield over your car. If not, then you won’t make it, and your car will be pretty dented up by the time you’re finished.

The Hilux above has the majority of those things, and is therefore a rock crawling god, even if it’s still beaten up. But it certainly looks the part! It also conquers the course with ease but plenty of drama. It swings from side to side with doors scraping along the rocks it’s crawling over, and even tips to the point where fuel floods from the fuel cap. It really is worth a watch!

This driver certainly has plenty of talent, and balls of titanium!

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