The Top 7 Cars From Geneva, As Chosen By James and Richard

We’re right in the middle of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show week, and so far we have had the privilege to see some pretty amazing cars. Not only did we see the return of the Supra, but we also got a new toy for Hammond to blow up, the Rimac C_Two.

You’re excited and I’m excited, and even Hammond and James are excited! So let’s take a look at James and Richard’s top 7 cars from Geneva:

7. Ferrari 488 Pista

It’s the most powerful V8 Ferrari ever built!

6. Morgan Aero GT

It’s cross-eyed, yet beautiful. It also marks the first time Morgan has ventured into the realm of downforce…Hammond’s words.

5. Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro

It’s a track-only version of the Valkyrie. I didn’t think it could get more hardcore, but I was wrong.

4. Rimac C_Two

Hammond’s face and the fire extinguisher kind of says it all. Also, it’s fast.

3. BMW M8 Concept

James: “It’s like an M5 with a slightly more aggressive face.”

2. McLaren Senna GTR

Only 75 will be made and will cost about £1 million. 1,000 KG of downforce makes this one sticky car.

1. Toyota Supra Racing Concept

What else there to say? The Supra is back!!



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