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The Telegraph Tells The Grand Tour To End After Calling It “Rustbucket TV”

With the next episode of The Grand Tour open to fans to watch on Amazon Prime Video, the reviews are now flooding in for A Massive Hunt. While we gave them a, mostly, glowing review, and while we admitted there were some problems with the episode, we’re glad to see Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May embrace their Top Gear roots and move from boats back to cars again. Phew.

But other websites weren’t so positive. One website stood out above the rest however, calling the episode “rustbucket TV”. The Telegraph couldn’t have been more slating of The Grand Tour hosts as they travel across Madagascar in search of hidden pirate treasure, giving them only two out of five stars.

“Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May’s shtick is beginning to look as clapped-out as a minicab with too many miles on the clock,” the site says as it begins its review on the episode, and we partly agree. Shock horror, I know. But this episode reminded me hugely of Top Gear’s search for the source of the Nile. Don’t get me wrong, this was a brilliant Top Gear episode, and I think it worked very well in The Grand Tour’s format.

But I worry, where do they go from here? With the new special-only structure of the show’s seasons, what else is there to do to keep variety, especially when there aren’t tent episodes to break up these specials. I suppose this is a problem that we’ll encounter during the next episode, but I understand where The Telegraph is coming from here.

The review continues with an attack on the presenters because of their handsome income from the show. What this has to do with the episode, I have no idea, but they choose to bring it up anyway. Maybe someone needs a payrise? They did however recognise the beauty of the videography and the Madagascar backdrop, which we agree with entirely.

Once again however, the review falls back into negativity, accusing the show of causing a sense of deja vu with a repetitive storyline from previous episodes. Again, I agree like I mentioned earlier in this piece, but for me this improved the episode by sprinkling it with the feeling of nostaligia from some of my favourite episodes of the past. “However, the entire enterprise was haunted by an unshakeable feeling of déjà vu. The scenery has changed but the story is basically the same and its impact has withered with age,” The Telegraph wrote.

Calling for the episode to be 60 minutes over the total 90, The Telegraph explains it as being “repetitive”, and also insists that “the explosive blockbuster ending doesn’t quite work”. I don’t know about you, but I thought the Bentley Continental GT grappling its way through the loose sand was a brilliant bit of filming, despite it quite obviously being planned.

“The Grand Tour has become over-reliant on the trio’s chemistry and little else. It’s no longer entertaining enough to conceal this fatigued format’s ever more apparent flaws,” the review ends.

I want to stress that reviews are only opinions, and we should respect them like any other. I want to know which side of the fence you sit on. Do you agree with The Telegraph and believe that the trio has lost their touch, or are you thinking they still have some more time before they run out of ideas? Let us know in the comments, we’re really interested to find out.

21 thoughts on “The Telegraph Tells The Grand Tour To End After Calling It “Rustbucket TV””

  1. The trio’s Chemistry and love of cars is what made Top Gear work and why people continue to watch them do the Grand tour.

  2. Have to agree with The Telegraph. Three somewhat over weight middle aged men (off which I am one!) trying to recreate bants that worked a decade ago. Time to consign to the history books.

  3. The Telegraph is about as irrelevant as telegrams. The Grand Tour is still an amazing show. These three hosts are the only things that justify the existence of Amazon Prime. I still miss their car reviews, Conversation street, the lap times, the tent, and having 13 episodes a season. They need to bring those back. As great as the adventures are, they can’t support a show.

  4. I loved the new special. The chemistry between the three are what keeps me coming back. I always know that if I need a laugh I can just watch those three.

  5. If people do not like the grand tour, dont watch and let people who do like it watch it, dont just take it because some dont like, theres nothimg worth watching on normal tv and what there is is rubbish but i dont say take it off.
    Get a life

  6. Honestly, I just love watching the Trio. They’re funny and have great adventures. I’ve never hated an episode of Top Gear, nor The Grand Tour. Its gonna be sad when The Grand Tour stops. Hopefully they come up with another show after their done with their own spinoff shows. But who knows if they will, or if they will retire. We can only hope for the best, as the trio is funny, legendary, and overall just extremely entertaining

  7. If the telegraph reviewer is criticising their pay then it looks more like a personal attack and not a genuine review. I don’t particularly like the shows current format though.

  8. They are kinda like comfort food for me, it doesn’t need to be the best show or story they’ve done, just needs to be what I expect.

  9. Nostalgia is why we watch. These guys are in the latter half of their career, and their fans will gladly take whatever they’re willing to give

  10. Maybe just maybe the Telegraph have just proved beyond doubt how out of touch their own format is. I thought the latest episode was one of the best ever and well worth the wait. Does anyone need a broadsheet in these strange times.

  11. I really enjoyed the show, especially after the long wait time. Yes, it is true that we miss either the regular TG format or GT tent version but that’s not up for discussion right now.
    The chemistry between the three is still good, they still make me laugh with their childish ideas and shown feeling of joy to be “on the hunt again”. The background setting was beautiful, the story entertaining and the cars with their specialities were well picked, overall it was 90 minutes of good entertainment. No matter what, I am already looking for whatever comes next from W. Chump & sons.

  12. I believe they still have more to give, maybe they need to be out of their “confort zone”.
    And this time I has the sensation that they really hate each other, there were no happy chitchat or some magic ‘in the moment’ reflections, still I believe they can get the music back. Oh and sorry for my dreadful english, it isn’t my native language.

  13. In fairness to The Telegraph review, the last couple of seasons of Top Gear, when these guys still presented, were already getting pretty stale. Moving to Amazon just made the scripted nature of their “shenanigans” even more obvious. All three of them are interesting, charismatic people in their own right, but they are far better off apart, it really is time for them to all go do something else for good.

  14. Yes I agree, the grand tour has become very boring .
    I would rather watch cartoons.
    The show needs scrapping , and the ageing men need to retire their show is become very repetitive.


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