The Ringbrothers Valkyrja Is The Best Looking Camaro At SEMA 2019

A couple of years ago, the Ringbrothers produced one of our favourite SEMA builds ever. But with their latest build their “most ambitious to date,” we think they’ve outdone themselves.

Say hello to the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro project named Valkyrja. It’s modifications are subtle, with gorgeous lines producing a wider body and curves that flow naturally around the classic Camaro chassis. The car suits the styling, almost to the point where we’re questioning if we ever want to see a stock Camaro again.

Under the bonnets things get even better with an 890 horsepower 416ci Wegner Motorsports LS3, proudly displaying a 2.9-liter Whipple supercharger. With each of those horses travelling through a strengthened Bowler six-speed Tremec, it eventually reaches a John’s Industries 9-inch rear axle where they can successfully destroy the rear tyres. It’s no wonder that the brothers thought it best to upgrade the suspension and chassis to tame this aggression with Detroit Speed Engineering taking the lead on that.

To lower weight, the majority of the body kit is made from carbon fibre, and to get it spotted, that CF has been painted in a custom BASF paint mix named TOTOPKG Green. Parts of the hood and small exterior components such as the wing mirrors have been left exposed, though to break up the green and making it pop.

Talking of pop, a Flowmaster Stainless Steel Super 44 Series exhaust exits the rear fascia in two places, finishing this piece of art off with a growl to match its intimidating stance and performance.

“We try and top ourselves every year, and this build was no different,” said Mike Ring, co-owner of Ringbrothers. We think they’ve done exactly that, and the Belgian owner who’s taking delivery of the car after SEMA 2019 is one extremely lucky man.