The Greatest Pranks And Accidents From The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

Jeremy Clarkson Loses His Cararvan, Not His Life

While driving down a main road of Scotland (or something), Jeremy Clarkson suddenly sees his caravan overtake him. It turns out that it actually detached itself from his car. This is what he said about it:

“There was a point, when it started to overtake me, that I thought, ‘God, I’m having the biggest accident of my life,'” he said before revealing his thought process throughout the unnerving ordeal.

“Then I thought, ‘No, wait, I’m still in control’.

“And then, ‘The caravan’s come off’, and the whole tow bar had detached – That really happened!”

As you can see in the episode, James had never laughed so hard:

“I thought James’s lungs were going to come out, he was laughing so much,” Jeremy told The Sun.

I just don’t think he was going fast enough.


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