The Grand Tour Wrecks Things With a Tank In Dubai Plus Some Supercars

No where where The Grand Tour boys go, mayhem seems to follow, am I right? The latest example comes all the way from Dubai, where Jeremy, James and Richard had some fun with a tank in a Dubai Mall while filming the final episode of The Grand Tour.

Residents spotted the tank rumbling down Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard with a police escort (I would LOVE to know what cars the police used) before stopping at The Grand Tour tent outside the mall. The mall stunt naturally attracted some social media attention as users were quick to post their reactions (both to the tank and what the presenters were driving):

In a piece by The New Arab, the boys were seen blowing through a wall in the Dubai Mall, where judging by the video footage below, it looks like some people were actually kind of in harm’s way (not sure why the video has a Fast and Furious 8 reference…):

I guess it’s hard to tell what’s on the other side of the wall?