The Grand Tour Season 4: Fans Not Interested After Watching Trailer

As you know by now, The Grand Tour has undergone some changes since it was last aired on Amazon Prime Video. No longer is there a tent, no longer is the show even about cars. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are now presenters on a travel show, where they indulge in hilarious banter while travelling around the best parts of the planet.

The boys make a point of these changes with their first episode to come from Season 4. Very simply, it’s all boats, boats, no cars, and more boats. And while it looks very funny, some fans aren’t bothered by the new setup.

Fan and follower of Grand Tour Nation on Facebook Mark Vernon says, “Nope while i enjoy their little adventures I really liked the car review’s their “conversation street” and all that. This season looks like just another reality show.”

On a similar note, Brandley Newcombe, also a follower and a fan of The Grand Tour says, “While I like the adventures I mainly watched for their car reviews.

“I was glad they did away with the celebrity portion. Wish they had a warehouse or something with fan interaction. However with just 2 episodes this season I fear GT is done.”

Sean Cannon, a Top Fan of Grand Tour Nation on Facebook says simply, “Need more conversation street!”

Over on Instagram, we posted a link to the trailer and there were again a number of disappointed responses.

@Paulio2013 commented with the following: “Looks funny but when did a car program turn into a boat one 😩”

Instagrammer @expore_off_road agrees, saying the following: “I’m actually kinda bummed we won’t see some studio stuff now. Kind of enjoyed that.”

Three followers replied in agreement.

Again, the fact that the first episode will revolve entirely around boats is putting some fans off:

@michael_j_cope said, “Boats? Two hours of boats?”

Are you looking forward to watching Season 4 of The Grand Tour despite it involving boats and not cars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.