The Grand Tour Season 4: Everything We Know About The Scotland Special

It has nearly been nearly 11 months since The Grand Tour released their last episode, Seamen. Since this almost year-long hiatus, we know that they have filmed 2 more specials: one in Madagascar, and the latest in Scotland. All signs are pointing towards both specials being released within the next year. Here is what we know about the newest episode, the currently unnamed Scotland Special.

The Start Of Filming In Edinburgh

The Scotland Special started filming September 28th in Edinburgh, with the trio driving three large American cars. James May is driving a red Cadillac, Richard is driving a green Buick, and Jeremy has a blue Lincoln. The trio shot the intro for the special on the east coast of the UK, just south of the Scotland border. It looked like business is continuing as usual for the team once fans spotted a piano hoisted high above a Morris Marina.

They left from there, and the next morning completed a drag race on a runway in South Scotland. The big V8s and terrible brakes should make for an exciting showdown.


It was hard for the crew to go unnoticed as they make their way across Scotland, as you can see from the fan video above.

Towing Caravans

From there, they went to Atholl Palace Hotel in Pitlochry, where they stayed the night before attaching some caravans to their cars. According to our sources, the next day they completed a number of races in Newtonmore, and were also spotted towing caravans which eventually looked like they were modified for the task. According to sources, here they also raced a number of other cars including a Chrysler PT Cruiser, a Pontiac Aztec, and a Lada 1200.

Performance Modifications

At Cairngorm Auto Repairs they modified their cars for a future drag race. Richard’s Buick had a massive air-intake and supercharger poking out of the hood, and James’ Cadillac had massive side exhausts. Jeremy’s Lincoln had massive drag tires installed. See the modified cars in action below:

The Trio Briefly Drove A New Set Of Muscle Cars

After that, the trio was spotted driving three completely different American muscle cars while heading back South. As usual, Richard broke down in a ’70s Dodge Challenger. Also included in the set of new cars was a Ford Mustang and a Chevrolet Nova. There’s no doubt they’re sticking with an American muscle theme throughout this episode. It is still unclear why they briefly switched cars, but apparently, they went to a nursing home to entertain staff and residents during this stint.


Arriving At The Hebrides

The trio then headed to the Hebrides, with someone attached a picture of Prince Harry and Megan on the Cadillac James was driving on the way. While stopping for breakfast, Jeremy had quite the struggle with his plastic forks as he tried to cut into a piece of bacon. The COVID-19 precautions include plastic cutlery. The plastic “COVID Cutlery” are no match for a hungry Clarkson.

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COVID cutlery

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The Scotland episode has been wrapped up with filming, but before we can think about this being released by Amazon, we are hoping to see the Madagascar Special released later this year. This episode is sure to be action-packed, and we will keep you updated as we get closer to the release.

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