The Grand Tour… Lochdown: Jeremy Clarkson And Richard Hammond Play Hilarious Prank On James May

The Grand Tour… Lochdown is now live on Amazon Prime Video, and if you haven’t seen it yet… what are you doing with your life? But don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Below is a hilarious clip of James May getting soaked through to the bone after Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond play a prank on him.

Driving three large American land yachts across Scotland turned out to be quite difficult for the globe-trotting trio, but to make it even harder, there was a pandemic to wrestle with, too. This meant that they couldn’t stay in hotels along the way, so instead resorted to caravans. This was a challenge.

The Grand Tour… Lochdown Review: Clarkson, Hammond, And May At The Top Of Their Game

But, as it was raining in Scotland at the time and James had to relieve himself… This created the perfect opportunity for Jeremy and Richard to do something brilliant. 

Using a firetruck and a ladder, they filled up Jame’s caravan with water. Fortunately, the caravan withheld the pressure and the doors and windows stayed intact, meaning that when James returned to his caravan and opened the door, he was washed away by the gallons and gallons of water that quickly gushed out. 

This was comedy gold. And while it’s likely it was planned in advance, it doesn’t take any of the brilliance away from it as James ends up angry on the floor. Genius.

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The Grand Tour… Lochdown Review: Clarkson, Hammond, And May At The Top Of Their Game

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