The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson Gives Behind The Scenes Details On Beach Explosions

It took a while, but The Grand Tour finally made its way back to Amazon after a year-long gap since the last episode that kicked off the new episode style. In this episode, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May found themselves searching for hidden pirate treasure in Madagascar. Here, they traversed some of the worst roads in the world with three modified cars.

Clarkson, choosing a Bentley Continental for his travels, fell in love with the vehicle and eventually took it home, but this wasn’t before the car went through hell in order to find the pirate La Buse’s lost treasure.

Not only did it clamber through mud and over rocks to reach its objective, but it almost came to a sticky end when, in attempt to find buried treasure in Libertalia, the car was almost blown up by explosives. The ex-Top Gear presenter, wanting to do things in his usual style, planted explosives across the beachfront, but when he lit the fuse, it didn’t take the three minutes that he was expecting to blow up.

Instead, it took very little time for the spark to reach the explosives, with Clarkson just being able to reach the safety of the Bentley before the sand around him erupted into chaos.

He told The Express that while he was very close to the explosions, he wasn’t hurt and didn’t damage his hearing. He was however shaken by what happened:

Clarkson said: “The Bentley has got double glazing which deadened the sound somewhat.

“There was a bit of an alarm at the speed that fuse went. But, yeah it was a thorough test, let’s put it that way.”

He continued:

“Never mind these metal detectorists, they want to get out there with some dynamite.”

Unfortunately, if you’ve seen A Massive Hunt, you’ll know that the trio failed to find the treasure despite Clarkson’s innovative means of finding it.

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