The Grand Tour is NOT the Most Pirated Show In the World

It turns out that The Grand Tour is NOT the most pirated show in history. Apparently it’s not even close; Game of Thrones still holds that dubious title. For the actual facts, we turn to TorrentFreak, who one can assume is an actual expert of such things:

While we’re not going to dispute this number directly (7.9 million), the “most downloaded” claim is nonsense. First of all, it would be virtually impossible for any new show to be the most downloaded ever if it’s up against those that have been available for years.

…In addition, recent streaming data from several of the most popular streaming sites online places The Grand Tour behind The Walking Dead, which traditionally is far less popular than Game of Thrones.

TorrentFreak has kept a close eye on the most-shared torrents for The Grand Tour, which get roughly 20,000 people sharing simultaneously at their peak. Peanuts compared to Game of Thrones’ record, which sits at over a quarter million.

…We asked Muso itself for clarification and it appears that there has been some misunderstanding. The spokesperson for the company suggests that The Grand Tour is ‘just’ the most pirated UK TV show.

Well I suppose that makes a bit more sense. So with that being said, I officially retract my last article.

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