The Grand Tour Insulted Scotland, And The Scots Aren’t Happy!

In the last episode of The Grand Tour, the trio drove three yet-to-appreciate classics through Scotland on what’s called the NC500 rally. It’s 500 miles of gorgeous road that run almost parallel to Scotland’s North Coast. But, as the episode begins, the trio aren’t overly complimentary about the country.

It turns out the Scots aren’t too happy with the comments the trio made, which ranged from:

“This isn’t exactly like the tourist authority would have you believe, is it?” from Clarkson, before Richard Hammond refers to the pebble dash-clad houses as being “battered”,


“You can see why they want to be independent can’t you?” Clarkson quips, as Hammond sarcastically responds, “You wouldn’t want people messing all this up, would you?”

Towards the end of the episode, the show made fun of a Scottish stereotype: their affinity to deep fried food. Hammond, on cooking for Jeremy’s birthday party, made deep fried spaghetti bolognese, obviously making fun of Scottish eating habits.

It was at this point, Twitter set alight with scolding tweets from Scottish people.

What do you think? Did The Grand Tour go a bit far with yet another controversial script, or is it all in good taste and people need to be less snow flakey? We have a feeling it’s the latter. Of course, there were quite a few replies to the tweets above, such as the following…


Let us know what you think, folks!