The Grand Tour Hosts Already Have Shows Up on Amazon Instant Video

As we wait for The Grand Tour to premiere, some of us may have already signed up for our Amazon Prime accounts to have access for the weekly episodes as they come out. For the prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy some great shows by Richard Hammond and James May.

First up is to the King of Crash, Richard “Hamster” Hammond. The show is called “Richard Hammond’s Crash Course” and seasons 1 and 2 are included in your prime membership. Sorry, but the drag car crash is not included in this series.

richard-hammonds-crash-courseThe Grand Tour star Richard Hammond travels across the US for his ultimate motor challenge, seeking out and driving the country’s toughest and most extraordinary vehicles. No two are the same, so before getting behind the wheel, joystick or control panel of these outlandish vehicles Hammond is taught how to handle them by the people who operate them on a daily basis.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

  1. Abrams Tank
  2. Tree Harvester
  3. Landfill
  4. Striker
  5. Demolition
  6. Salvage Yard

Season 2 Episode Guide

  1. Stuntman
  2. Cabbie/Comedian
  3. American Bullfighter/Paddle Boarder
  4. IndyCar Pit Crew
  5. Harlem Barber/Test Pilot
  6. Cattle Rancher

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Another series that Hammond has on Amazon is called Richard Hammond’s How to Build a Planet. It draws more from Hammond’s geeky side and explores a lot of what makes our planet so amazing. It’s basically a two part documentary about on hour each.


It’s the ultimate engineering project – but just how do you build a planet, a solar system and a galaxy from scratch, and what happens if you get any part of it wrong? Richard Hammond presents this exciting series that draws on specially filmed interviews with the world’s top scientists and engineers and, starting with the raw materials of gas, dust, ice and metal…

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Season 1 Episode Guide

  1. Episode 1
  2. Episode 2

Since we’re speaking of geeks, then we definitely have to talk about what shows Captain Slow has on Amazon. Let’s start first with what I think most people know about – James May’s Cars of the People


The Model T, the 2CV, The Fiat Cinquecento – history says these are the iconic Peoples’ Cars, but James May begs to differ, and in this series, he tells the story of the cars he believes are the true Cars of the People. His journey will take him across mainland Europe to Russia and Japan, and in typical Top Gear style, there’ll be road tests, capers and challenges.

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Season 1 Episode Guide

  1. Episode 1 – Beetle, Trabant, and Fiat 124
  2. Episode 2 – Microcar, Citroen 2CV, Renault 4, Honda Super Cub, and Daihatsu Copen
  3. Episode 3 – Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Businessman’s Car, Lamborghini Countach and Porsche 911 Turbo

Season 2 Episode Guide

  1. Episode 1 – Jaguar E-Type, Datsun 260Z, Ford Mustang and Toyota Celica
  2. Episode 2 – Land Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, and Audi Quattro
  3. Episode 3 – Chrysler Turbine Car, Porsche, TVR and Amphibious Cars

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Finally, we have another trek into Space as James May takes us on an adventure – James May at the Edge of Space. This really isn’t a series at all, more like a pilot that never got picked up, but enjoy anyways as James May flies as high as you can in a Lockheed U-2 spy plane.


Space buff James May travels to the edge of the Earth in one of the most iconic planes of the 20th century – the U-2 spy plane. Cruising twice as high as a jumbo jet, watching the curvature of the Earth, James gets an astronaut’s view of space.

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Well, there you have it. Barely enough to hold you over until November 18th when The Grand Tour premiere’s on Amazon Instant Video. If you haven’t signed up yet, then what are you waiting for?


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