The Grand Tour: Everything We Know About Upcoming Norway Special

With Richard Hammond recently confirming that yet another new episode of The Grand Tour is going to be filmed this year as he joins Jeremy Clarkson and James May, I thought I’d give you a reminder of what’s to come from the Norway Special filmed earlier this year.

Where Does The Norway Special Begin?

The first hint that The Grand Tour was filming came from Jeremy Clarkson’s Instagram account as he posted a video from Norway.

Making a football joke (that I’d happily let someone explain to me in the comments), he didn’t hint at any filming. But another post from the same location gave us plenty of information.

This photo introduced us to two of the cars that will feature in the episode, as well as the location.

Where Is The Norway Special Being Filmed?

The photo above was shot from the Henningsvaer Football Stadium on Norway near the village of Henningsvaer. This village sits on a small fishing island which has a population of only 500 people. But while it’s small, thousands of tourists visit each year because of its incredible views and, of course, the football pitch.

This pitch is one of the most recognisable in the world, but the area boasts several other enticing places such as a caviar factory turned art museum, and a coast that’s steeped in history.

The mountain range is the Festvågtind mountains, which tower 541 metres into the sky. People enjoy hiking the 1.5km trail, but unfortunately, cars aren’t able to get up there… as far as we know.

What Are The Cars?

Jeremy and the gang are driving three cars which each have a strong rally pedigree. Clarkson is driving an Audi RS4 B7, Hammond is driving a Subaru Impreza WRX and May a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII.

What Happened Along The Way?

We heard on the grape vine that James May actually crashed his Mitsubishi quite early on into filming as they continued North to explore the Arctic Circle. The trio was even lucky enough to see the Northern Lights.

“He crashed the EVO while they were in Tromsø… I did not ask were he was,” a fan told The Grand Tour Reddit page.

Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Subtle Tribute To Ukraine As Grand Tour Episode Filming Begins In Norway

Is There A Release Date For This New Episode?

No release date has been confirmed, but judging from previous patterns, it’s likely that the Norway special will be released around Christmas time.

Will There Be More Episodes?

Yes, Richard Hammond has confirmed that the trio is filming yet another episode outside of the UK:

“We’ve already filmed one – we’re not long back from that,” he said referencing the Arctic Circle special.

“We’re ready to go off and do another, and they are huge missions to go and do,” he said.

“Lockdown was a bit tricky for that, but I think the great thing is I’ve managed to keep busy with other stuff, and we’ll continue to do that.

“The joy for me 30 odd years into a broadcasting career, I’m able to do shows at all ends of the spectrum whether being massively costly, complicated, big ones or smaller, quicker, more light and nimble. So they’re all great fun to make.

“I’ve been lucky enough to sort of cherry pick and do the shows I really want to do. So you’ll never see me there doing something I’m not really engaged in. They’re all things I want to make.”

We’re very excited to see what comes from The Grand Tour over the next year or so. And as we find out more, we’ll of course keep you updated on GTN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has The Grand Tour ended?

No. The Grand Tour has changed its format to special-only episodes. Since this change, there have only been two episodes released per year, and this trend is looking to continue.

When will the next episode of The Grand Tour be released?

While we don’t know for sure, The Grand Tour Norway Special is likely to be released closer to Christmas. This would follow the release schedule of the previous episodes.

What cars did they drive in Norway?

Jeremy Clarkson drove an Audi RS4 B7, Richard Hammond drove a Subari Impreza WRX, and James May drove a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo XIII.