The Grand Tour Contract Says There’s a Way to Get on TV

According to Business Insider, the savvy businessmen at W. Chump & Son were able to negotiate a clause for their show, so that they can air the shows on broadcast television.

This may be supported by executive producer, Andy Wilman’s, latest interview in which he says that it would be his wish that they be aired on regular TV as the old show seemed to have a long shelf life, so he hopes that The Grand Tour does as well.

It seems that Amazon has a “secret” plan to cover their bases in case the show doesn’t take off online as well as it needs to. Amazon has reportedly worked out a deal with IMG to license “second window rights” so that they can release the show onto regular TV channels after it has aired on Amazon.

IMG is a talent agency that represents both Jeremy Clarkson and Andy Wilman and they helped with the negotiations last year, so it definitely makes sense that IMG is looking out for their client’s best interest which of course, is their best interest when it comes to the bottom line.

“There has been sub-licensing interest from others, it is a very sought-after show. But we have no interest in doing that. This is an exclusive show for Amazon Prime members,” European vice president Jay Marine told The Guardian in April.

We know that a lot of fans from around the world, such as the fans in Canada, are unable to watch Amazon Instant Videos and other fans just can’t afford another subscription fee on top of their Netflix, Hulu and cable subscriptions. So, let’s hope that they work out some kind of deal.


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