This Is The Tank From Season 2 Of The Grand Tour

The boys are certainly no stranger to the odd tank in their films, so of course, we’re going to see a tank in Season 2 of The Grand Tour.

This tank is a bit different however. It is available to buy and its maker, Ripsaw, boasts that the EV2 one of the most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles in the world.

It was originally a tank developed for the military, but quickly became known outside of the industry due to its extreme speed and technology. Soon, Ripsaw started building bespoke variants for the public to buy with each unit taking six months to fabricate and holding a price tag of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With such a large price tag, it’s no surprise that the movie franchise The Fast and The Furious scooped it up for their latest film. But don’t go thinking it’s just a bit of eye candy that can crawl over some steep hills.

This tank has 600 horsepower, produced from a Duramax 6.6-litre diesel engine. This means it has sports car like performance – in a straight line at least – and can throw itself over most surfaces with ease. That includes water – yes, it can float.

We have no idea what Jeremy, Richard, and James are going to be doing with this monster, but apparently it was spotted in Dubai pushing itself through some walls. That video is linked up above.

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