Rory McIIroy Faces Off Against Paris Hilton On This Week’s The Grand Tour

Quick, think of the two most random people to put together on Celebrity Face-Off. I got Paul McCartney and Triple H. Who did you get? Was it Rory McIlroy and Paris Hilton? Because that’s what we’re getting this week in one of the more improbable matchups of the season.

What could the theme possibly be? I honestly cannot think of anything that relates a PGA pro to an American socialite. Regardless, come this Friday, we’ll get a chance to see the two tackle the Eboldrome.

I wonder if Jeremy will bring up Paris Hilton’s hideous pink Bentley:

There was apparently a bit of hoopla surrounding the filming of Celebrity Face-Off as Paris initially refuse to wear a racing helmet for fear that it will mess up her freshly styled hair. I guess we’ll find out if she eventually relented come Friday!




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