The Grand Tour Stunt Driver Is Back For Another Attempt To Impress Clarkson, Hammond And May

Richard’s first attempt at finding a new Grand Tour driver may not have gone exactly as planned. While the stunt driver that he pick was fast around the track, it’s hard to ignore your base instincts, as the driver showed by jumping a ramp and plowing into a production trailer.

Never one to give up, Richard and the stunt driver are back for round 2. Richard had “quite strong words” with the stunt driver after he got carried away last time, so let’s see how he does for his second attempt:

Come on, what else did you expect? On a serious note, here’s the thing; let’s say the boys decide to go with a stunt driver and made it a recurring segment. If they went ahead and had a spectacular stunt/crash every episode with one of the boys making fun of Hammond, that could get old really fast. In fact, it could get as bad as Celebrity Brain Crash.

So please, gentlemen…don’t let this become a thing!


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