Has Richard Hammond’s Insurance Been Affected By His Recent Accidents?

The question asked was “Is Hammond now paying more for insurance than a 17 year old?” To which Hammond and James responded with a fit of laughter. We all know that Hammond’s insurers must be unhappy, especially after the injury packed 2016-2017 Hammond had.

Hammond responded with “The insurers are not pleased, no. That was a tricky phone call; ‘Hey! Guess what?’ ” Richard never goes into any details, but let’s be honest here; between the Rimac and the head injury sufffered in Mozambique, I’m pretty sure his premiums are going up

That’s not even to include his past accidents, such as the terrifying Vampire dragster crash or some smaller ones like the 24 Hour Britcar crash. The guy sure likes to crash, doesn’t he?

Either way, between his body, his wife Mindy, his children, his insurers, and his fans, let’s hope the upcoming year happens to be as injury free as possible. Got it, Hammond? We want you around for the long run.