Richard Hammond Takes His Daughters Off-Roading In Hilarious Video

To continue the paid advertising for Ford on the DriveTribe website, Richard Hammond brings us a follow up on his latest video series featuring his midlife crisis. This time, the video also features his two daughters, Willow and Isabella.

Armed with the latest Ford Ranger Raptor, Hammond shows us just how practical the truck can be despite its racing pedigree. He introduces his two daughters and they set off for some family time. This of course means that they leave Hammond in the car while they go shopping and maintaining constant eye contact with their phones.

On the way back, and after Hammond has played cards, written a poem, and gone mad, he takes a shortcut home. This, inevitably takes the three through a muddy green lane with Hammond describing the car’s off-road performance and generally wreaking havoc. Watch the video below, while it may be a bit biased, it’s certainly a giggler.

Want to see more of the Ranger in Hammond’s capable(ish) hands? We do!


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