Richard Hammond Responds To Homophobic And Sexist Complaints

Richard Hammond has been countlessly labeled homophobic during the last seasons of The Grand Tour after jokes about a Jeep being a ‘gay car’, and ice-cream being only for gay men. But in a recent interview, Hammond is sure that he has nothing to apologise for.

Talking to, he said the following:

“The criticism is just b***dy annoying.

“We are not remotely homophobic! If someone takes something as homophobic… I don’t want to cause offence.”

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Hammond is adamant that the trio are not going to be more careful in the future, though, despite many viewers having noted that they’ve been offended in some way or another.

He added: “To say, ‘oh we need to be really careful not to be homophobic’ would say that we are, so we’re not going to try and set out to avoid that sort of thing because we’re not.

“But to be honest, people are always looking for it.”

Of course, people will always catch The Grand Tour presenters out, often taking things out of context or bending things to look worse so as to get more likes on Twitter.

He adds: “The favourite one we always used to get was sexism – ‘Oh we all know what you lot think about women and cars?’ What have we ever said? We’ve never said anything – apart from anything else I’ve got a wife and two daughters who would kick the s**t out of me.

“But we never said any of those things, probably because people just lead on the assumption that we were. We’re middle aged, middle class so that would be the assumption that that’s what we do.

“I think sometimes other people are ready to be offended on other people’s behalf and I don’t think you should be allowed to be if something’s not directed at you; you can’t be offended by proxy.”

Do you think The Grand Tour purposely sets out to create headlines for promotion, or do you think it’s more about viewer’s reaction to things that have been taken the wrong way? Let us know in the comments below, and leave some support for your favourite presenters, too.