Richard Hammond Just Might Have the Best Idea For The Grand Tour’s New Driver

We’ve been tossing around ideas for a replacement driver for The American for a week or so now, and I believe that Richard Hammond may just have the answer. We’re all sitting around throwing out big names like Ken Block and Mark Webber, but what if they boys got someone unknown?

Not “unknown” in a Stig sense, but unknown like we literally don’t know who he is so we’re not distracted by star power and racing history. That the direction that Hammond decided to go as he presented his candidate for The Grand Tour’s new racing driver: a stuntman.

Hammond’s theory for a stuntman actually makes plenty of sense. Stuntmen (and women!) are quick, precise, fearless, and anonymous. It’s basically like having a Stig without breaking any of the BBC’s rules. Perfect, right?

But then the video reaches its end…

So at this point, Jeremy has nominated Mark Webber, and Richard nominated a stunt driver. Who does James have in mind?


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