Richard Hammond films Alongside His Wife For The Grand Tour

On King’s Road, Chelsea, UK, the trio have been filming a segment for The Grand Tour. But while Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May were present, so was Mindy Hammond, Richard’s wife.

Richard and Mindy were both dressed up in black tie-wear chatting and looking like they were heading to an evening meal while Clarkson and May mischievously slunk behind them carrying a large black sheet of fabric with ‘Pap in a bag’ printed on it.

They sneaked up on a fake member of the paparazzi who was sat in a VW and covered his car in the sheet. And while it hasn’t been confirmed that these two shots will be used together, May was seen chatting with Richard and Mindy after the filming had taken place.

The group look to be making fun of the fact they can’t go anywhere without having photos taken of them. and this certainly rings true with a sense of irony by the fact that the source of this information comes from The Sun who were taking photos of them as they did this.

Later on, the Hammonds left in a car with ‘#STORMY ROCKS’ printed down the side.

And to add even more mystery to the whole scenario, Jeremy leaves in a Polo with a ‘Vote Labour’ sticker on the side.

Believe me, I’m bewildered too, but look forward to seeing how it all comes together when Season 3 hits our screens hopefully later this year.

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