Richard Hammond Discusses Who His Bond Girl Would Be If He Were Bond

The question asked was if Richard Hammond were to play James Bond, who woudl be pick for his Bond girl? Obviously Mindy, right? But let’s say he wasn’t allowed to choose his lovely wife; then who would it be?

The answer is obvious, of course. Anyone who has watched Top Gear in the past knows of Richard’s infatuation with one Angelina Jolie, so naturally that’s who he chose as his Bond Girl. Though Richard did mention that it would be difficult because he would faint in every take.

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Angelina Jolie would actually be a perfect Bond girl for Hammond because they are the same height (both measuring in at 5′ 7″ according to a quick Google search). Richard wouldn’t have to have someone like Famke Janssen tower over him (she was the tallest Bond girl at 5′ 11″).

In fact, no Bond girl has ever been taller than their Bond actor, with Olga Kurylenko coming in the closest to her Bond, Daniel Craig. Craig is the shortest actor to play Bond, and Kurylenko came in one inch shorter than him.

So who would you choose as your Bond counterpart? Ladies, if Bond were a female, who would you choose as your Bond boy? Let’s have some fun with this one. I would choose Karen Gillan as my Bond girl because, well, she’s my ultimate celebrity crush.

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