Richard Hammond Breaks Grand Tour Director’s Rib During Mad Party

It’s happened again, but this time it’s not Jeremy Clarkson that’s giving out a beating. Richard Hammond has reportedly broken a rib of a fellow colleague during what was said to be ‘a fairly raucous wrap party’.

It took place after filming in Namibia after a gruelling period of hard work and lately was confirmed by The Grand Tour’s production company, W Chump And Sons – owned by Clarkson, Hammond and May, and the show’s producer Andy Wilman.

“There was a fairly raucous wrap party after we had finished a gruelling shoot,’ the company has stated.

“Play fighting did indeed ensue among the crew, including Richard, and a member of the crew did indeed suffer from a broken rib. It remained play fighting throughout and did not get nasty. Chump did not pay any medical expenses because the event happened post-shooting.”

The assistant director who received the injury has continued to work on the show and has admitted that there was “no bad feeling, malice or grievance,” regarding the accident.

Thank God, because I’m not sure I can cope with another ‘fracas’ scenario!

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