Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci Sign Up For New Survival Amazon Show

The Grand Tour meets Mythbusters. That’s what this new six-part series is going to be as Richard Hammond joins with Tory Belleci on a new show for Amazon.

‘An epic six-part series is coming. @richardhammond and @torybelleci trying to survive on a desert island. The usual mayhem and more epic adventures to come…’ The Grand Tour’s Instagram reads.

The series will be comprised of the new duo becoming shipwrecked on a desert island and working from there to survive.

The synopsis from reads like this:

‘Rather than sitting around waiting to be rescued, the pair decide to take matters into their own hands as they use all of their engineering and expert scientific prowess not only to survive, but to construct an out-of-this-world, paradise island playground.

‘The series follows the pair as they construct their exotic wonderland using what they have from the shipwreck and what they can find on the island.

‘The duo’s hare-brained builds will range from island hopping vehicles to a supersized hydro-power waterwheel.’

Hammond is keen to add his humour and talent to this project after working with Amazon on The Grand Tour and building a trust between his production company (shared with Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Andy Wilman), and Amazon:

‘Somebody needs to take hold of popular science as a genre and reinvent it for a new age.  And there are only two people to do that job. Unfortunately, neither of them are available so it’s me and Tory Belleci,’ Hammond said of the as yet unnamed series.

‘At Chimp, we’ve assembled the absolute A-Team when it comes to this genre, and, working with Amazon, who have demonstrated their faith in us by commissioning this hugely ambitious show, we shall create something genuinely fresh and new on a scale of greatness never before seen.

‘There’s every chance that both Tory and I shall make it back from the island alive and sane…Probably.’

Belleci, known for his role in on the popular Mythbusters TV show added:

I’m so excited to be working with Richard for the first time. This is gonna get crazy.’

We can’t wait to see how this turns out, but as of yet no release date has been revealed. Keep up to date with us on Facebook to keep in the loop.


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