Richard Hammond and James May Spotted Filming For Season 3

About a week ago, we spotted Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel of a Lamborghini in the snow, which was later confirmed as filming for Season 3 of The Grand Tour. We now know what his partners in crime have been up to while Jeremy was off playing in the snow.

Hammond and May were spotted in Herefordshire for the first day of production on the upcoming season. James rolled up on his motorcycle and was later spotted again enjoying a smoke on his lunch break.

As far as the future of the show beyond Season 3, well, no one seems to know what the plan is. It’s obviously a bit too early to really even speculate, but it should be noted that The Grand Tour is a massive success, bringing in £100 million for Amazon and introducing a legion of new subscribers to the Prime Video service.

As of right now, producer Andy Wilman says that the team is simply focusing on Season 3 at the moment, as they should be.