Reasons why Amazon will let you try The Grand Tour for Free

The premiere of The Grand Tour is a big deal for Amazon. Such a big deal, in fact, that Amazon has decided to discount its Prime membership by $20 lowering the price to $79 from $99 (from £79 to £59, for those in the UK) this Friday only, in order to honor  and celebrate its launch.

The one-day sale will run from 12:00 a.m. ET until 11:59 p.m. PT and is only available for new members, according to Amazon and we’ve determined that this is the absolute best day for you to sign up for Amazon Prime, since you can get at least 4 episodes of The Grand Tour in and if you don’t like it, your 30 day trial will be over and you’re not obligated to pay.

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But before you think about how to get out of this membership, you should also keep in mind that the holiday season is upon us and there are a ton of benefits you will also score, aside from the fact you’ll be watching the greatest motoring show on the planet, of course.

We have compiled this great list of our favorite benefits that you get with Amazon Prime, so after you’re done watching the premier, celebrate by taking full advantage of your new membership.

30 Day Free Trial

If you don’t like it. Don’t pay for it. It’s pretty simple.

Enjoy Top Gear Season 2-17

Amazon Prime Members Now Get Select Seasons of Top Gear

Enjoy Shows from Richard Hammond and James May

The Grand Tour Hosts Already Have Shows Up on Amazon Instant Video

Free 2-Day Shipping

Not only can you get all of your favorite Top Gear, The Grand Tour, and various books, DVD’s etc. from Hammond, Clarkson, and May, but you can get many of them in just two days. Perfect for the last minute shopper looking for a great gift for the petrol-head in the family, or for themselves!

A 30-Minute Head Start on Black Friday

Want to get all your automotive gear before everyone else when it goes on sale next Friday? Well, you are in luck, because Amazon is giving its Prime members a 30-minute head start on all of its Black Friday “Lightning Deals.” No more worrying about that Top Gear box set being sold out before you have a chance to buy.

Free Streaming Music, Video, and Written Content

Not only will you be able to access and stream The Grand Tour, but a huge library of other media. You have access to Amazon Music, which has over one million ad-free songs, unlimited streaming of Amazon’s video library with full movies and TV episodes, and you also get access to Prime Reading, which lets you borrow books, magazines, and more from the Prime Reading catalog.

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Photo Storage

Looking for a safe and secure place to store all of your favorite photos? Guess what? You get that with Amazon Prime too! You can use Prime Photos to save and organize an unlimited amount of photos in the Amazon Drive for you and members of your Family Vault.

Restaurant Delivery

Ok, this one isn’t available everywhere just yet, but it is awesome. With Amazon Prime Now, you can get FREE one-hour delivery from popular restaurants, directly to you, as long as you are in eligible zip codes. This service is expanding more and more, so be sure and check with Amazon for availability.

Have you purchased your Amazon Prime membership yet? It really is a great deal, and plus it’s the only way to get The Grand Tour in all of its glory, premiering this Friday! Stay tuned to Grand Tour Nation for more on your favorite motoring hosts, The Grand Tour, Top Gear and more. Be sure to check out our other articles about the boys and their latest such as Richard defends Clarkson, and the last thing on my phone.


Source: USA Today