One Episode In And Jeremy Clarkson Has Already Offended People

Today is Friday, December 8th 2017, which means The Grand Tour is officially back! Let’s take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for surviving a long offseason without the boys on our screens.

In a move that should surprise absolutely no one, Jeremy has already said something that offended someone. Par for the course, right?

The latest offensive remark came when the boys showed up at their hotel, which ended up being a Swiss wellness retreat, where Jeremy waxes poetic about colonics. At dinnertime, the boys each have a plate of leafy greens, which prompted the following remarks from Jeremy:

“I know people who eat this stuff. Do you know what they’re called? Women.”

The response has been swift, as you can see from this article by The Guardian:

“Another joke is that Hammond takes them to museums and makes them stay at a detox wellness retreat. Red-blooded, meat-eating, hard-drinking males like them, poncing about at a health spa? Get it?

Are there any treatments at the Park Weggis hotel for sexism I wonder?”

Yikes. All jokes aside. welcome back, boys! I’ll be sure to keep my keyboard ready to rock.


The Guardian

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