Meet Emily Clarkson, Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter

Emily Clarkson is the daughter of Jeremy Clarkson and his ex-wife Frances Cain. She was born on 21 July 1994 and is currently engaged to Alex Andrew.

Emily may not be following in her father’s footsteps into the world of cars, but instead pursuing her own career as a writer with her blog Pretty Normal Me (now unpublished from the web), and a published book under the same name. She’s also become a role model across the world for men and women by shedding light on the fake world behind social media with her own Instagram dedicated to educating people on how photos and videos can be edited to make the user look ‘better’.

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YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF HOW WARPED YOUR INSTAGRAM REALITY IS. The skin that you see has been smoothed. The lines buffed out. The blemishes eradicated. The eyes are brightened. The tones are softer. Some bits are smaller. Others are bigger. There are not just a “couple of filters” out there that you gotta keep your eyes peeled for. There are a PLETHORA of apps out there and they’re doing everything you can think of and more. And the worst thing about that is, you have NO idea who is using what to do what. Whilst I will never blame an individual for editing themselves (most people are driven to it out of insecurity) we do need to address the behaviour of some of the people that we look up to on these apps. Because the fact that people can entirely alter their reality AND NOT EVEN NOT TO DECLARE IT will be causing more issues then any of us perhaps realise. We are comparing ourselves to people that simply DO NOT EXIST. I look at these edited photos of myself and I barely know the person, and yet… it’s ‘me’- just the “Hollywood” version available in some app. How am I meant to then be ok then with the person I see in the mirror… if she doesn’t look anything like the reflection I’ve curated for myself online? In the long run, no one wins with these apps. The external validation the altered images receive in the shape of Instagram likes will not be worth it to the individual who cannot compete with their online persona. And the consumers will never be happy if they are perpetually comparing themselves to people that literally don’t exist. I know I’m banging on about this. But so long as the apps are relentless, so must we be. Inspired again by @sashalouisepallari’s #FilterDrop campaign – FEATURED IN THE BBC TODAY BABIEEEES!! Xxx

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She has since been featured in many leading UK media sites and has even written her own columns on the subject of social media.

Rejecting Love Island

Earlier this year she was approached by ITV who asked her if she wanted to star in the show Love Island. In a column written for The Sun, Emily explained why she turned down the offer:

She wrote: “On Thursday a producer at ITV rang, wanting to know if I was a) single and b) interested in appearing in the next series of Love Island.

“And if I wasn’t single but was interested, would I dump my boyfriend, Alex, for the opportunity…

“I think what the producer was trying to tell me was that they wanted someone not quite as fit as the rest of them, but a bit smarter. No offence.

“It was a flattering call… [But] I am so not Love Island – or the face of the inevitable Missguided deal every female Islander leaves with.”

She went on to write how she believed her “stomach rolls and heat rash” would make her a target for trolls, and how she didn’t want to have sex on TV when her parents would be watching. In the end, she joked that the resulting clothing deals just weren’t worth it.

Emily and Cars

In the above video with DriveTribe, Emily explains how growing up with Clarkson as a father meant that Top Gear always felt like her big brother. Cars had a definite impact on her life with her dad constantly test driving cars to review and write about and her seeing all the press information posted to their family. She explains how her party trick at school was recognising and correctly naming any car on the road. Despite this, while Clarkson still influences her choice of cars, she’s never been interested enough to pursue this further.

Emily’s first car was a Ford Fiesta and now currently owns a Fiesta ST, which she declares to be the fastest car she’s driven.

We’re very excited to see where Emily’s work takes her and how she’s going to influence the ideas around social media. We’ll be watching intently and support her as much as we can by sharing her posts and ideas with you.

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