Jeremy Playing Catchup After Returning To Filming

After being given the all clear to return to filming after a bout of pneumonia, Jeremy Clarkson and crew have been playing catch with their filming schedule.

Producer Andy Wilman joked that Clarkson had bribed his doctors to return to work after six weeks (a two month recovery time has initially anticipated for recovery):

“He’s actually filming today…He’s cleared to film from today; so some doctor somewhere has accepted the bribe and signed him off fit, so they’re all back doing a thing. We’re playing catch-up now with our filming schedule like crazy.”

In his recent Sunday Times column, Jeremy spoke more on being knocked out of work:

“It’s really, really annoying because I’ve never had one day off work since I started in 1978,”

In addition to Jeremy’s brush with pneumonia, Hammond also had his crash a few months back. in fact, the only one of the three to be completely unscatched at the moment is James May. is it the hair? Is it the jumpers? Who knows, but as of now, May looks invincible next to Clarkson and Hammond.

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