Jeremy Clarkson’s New Farm Shop Proposal Has Been Accepted

Jeremy Clarkson has been approved to build a new building on his farm named Diddly Squat Farm close to his home in Chadlington, Oxforshire.

Nearby residents had complained about the proposal, but planning permission has now been approved on the condition that it sells only local produce. It must also reflect the ‘established character of the area’ as the BBC says, despite opponents to the planning saying it will have a “negative impact on the landscape”.

Speaking to the BBC last month, Clarkson said: “I really know I’m not doing anything wrong or anything that would hurt the village.”

The proposal also adds that the site can be used for commercial filming ninth months within a 27-month period, allowing him to use it for his new, “I Bought The Farm” (working title) series on Amazon Prime Video.

Written by Steven Douglas