Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm Shop Opens Tomorrow With Open Invite To Fans

Jeremy Clarkson invites you to his very own Diddly Squat Farm

Jeremy Clarkson has been behind the wheel of a tractor for a long time now, with him purchasing a farm close to where he lives in the Chadlington, Oxfordshire, England.  We’ll get to see exactly what he’s been up to when his new Amazon Show, I Bought A Farm (working title) is released on Amazon Prime Video later this year (probably), but according to a recent tweet from The Grand Tour presenter, he’s opening a farm shop alongside it. This farm shop opens tomorrow, and his fans have been given an invite.

His farm shop has come under a lot of backlash in recent months after homeowners around the area didn’t want him to build it. They were worried that it would “negatively affect the landscape”. Speaking to the BBC, Clarkson said: “I really know I’m not doing anything wrong or anything that would hurt the village.”

But in November last year, planning permission for the build was approved, and now, while it’s neither heated or stocked, Jeremy Clarkson is giving you an invitation to go.

Eventually, all of the produce will be grown by his own work, so make sure you head down there to get some Clarkson food..!

The address is as follows:

Diddly Squat Farm Chipping Norton Rd, Chadlington, Chipping Norton OX7 3NT, United Kingdom.

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